"One rind is enough to tie a thousand pieces of wood."

Eritrean proverb


April's Coffee of the Month is Rwandan Muzovu (from the Nyamasheke region).

Coming in May: Tanzanian Peaberry Zanzibar Plus.

Our coffees are freshly roasted each week and our roaster takes great care to bring out the best flavor that each bean has to offer. Regardless of which of our African coffees you order; you are sure to recognize the difference that fresh roasting makes. No more expiration dates on your bag of beans that was roasted months ago (yuck!)… just delicious, African flavor in your cup!


Upgrade your Coffee, Keep your Cash

Coffee is one of my favorite indulgences. I begin every morning with my coffee ritual and I know full well that I’m not alone. Many of you also look forward to that cup of coffee that starts your day.

But, every few months we hear yet again how much we’re spending and how that money could add up to a vacation or home over the years. “Skip that $5 latté and save hundreds”. Listen, I am the last person you’ll meet who will tell you to skip the pleasure that comes with a great cup of coffee! But, as for skipping the daily trip to the coffee shop; well, the math makes sense. Let’s do a simple problem to see:

I’m using a conservative estimate of $4 per cup of latté or other gourmet coffee (many run more than $4). At that price though, your daily cup costs you $1460 per year! Once you have caught your breath, join me for the rest of my math homework... don’t worry, the rest is so much easier to swallow!

Making coffee at home on the other hand costs less than 1/4 the price:

  • Coffee grinder: $15-$20
  • Coffee maker: $30-50
  • Incredible tasting fair trade coffee for a year: $312
$382 (using highest estimates)

So, you want a fancy latté or mocha? Add the following to your totals:

  • Hand-held frother: $12-$15 (FREE if you sign up for our 6 month or 1 year coffee of the month club)
  • Omanhene cocoa: $7.50 (per tin)

At the end of the day, your coffee cost stays the same annually and you only have to “invest” in the grinder, coffee maker and hand-held frother once.

Is it great to save so much money? Of course it is! But, money isn’t everything is it? Sure, it’s great that it only takes about 10 minutes a day (less than the time it takes to wait in line for your coffee). The best part of it all is: FLAVOR!! You will wonder why you waited so long.

Most companies have huge mark-ups on coffee and farmers see very little of the price that you pay. But, since all of our coffees are fair trade, you’ll have the bonus of knowing that you are supporting farmers who are being paid a fair price for their beans. Additionally, you’ll be helping African women and children through the donations that are made to the organizations we work with (a portion of all sales on MamaAfrika.com).

So here are my Top 3 reasons to join Mama’s Coffee of the Month Club:

  1. High quality fresh-roasted coffees (mailed only days after roasting!).
  2. Fair trade (and your automatic donation) means helping the poor live better lives.
  3. You’ll save enough money to treat yourself to something else wonderful (a plane ticket, a couple of incredible dinners or whatever else makes you smile)

Our coop members will thank you (and so will your wallet!)


Why Shop at Mama Afrika?

We are dedicated to the following principles:
  • Fair trade products, many of which are also organic;
  • Excellent quality art, handcrafts, gifts and food items;
  • Education about Africa, Africans and the issues that are facing the African continent;
  • In addition to paying a fair price for items; 10% of our profit is donated to helping Africans help themselves through small-scale development, environmental and educational projects run, managed and supervised by African people.
  • Environmentally respectful products and packaging.

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