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Gift Baskets

All of the items in these gift baskets are either from one of the stands here at MamaAfrika.com, or they are items which Mama Afrika has gotten from other companies which believe in the same things she does: respect for the producer, fair wages and good working conditions and a host of other ideas which make fair trade so great.

The contents are put into a beautiful basket from Ghana, Uganda or Lesotho and raffia is used as a filler. The basket is wrapped up in a shimmery see-through fabric which you can re-use.. No waste... every part of the basket is environmentally friendly and you will find they are absolutely gorgeous!

If you would like to mail the gift basket directly to the receiver and want to add a note, you can do so in the "notes" section during the ordering/payment process. Mama will hand-write your message and include it for you free of charge.